Summer 2012 Road Trip to Northeast United States and Canada

In the summer of 2012, we took an 18-day trip to Northeast United States and Eastern Canada. It was our second longest road trip -- the entire itinerary topped more than 3.600 miles (5,800 km) -- only shorter than our month-long cross-country trip. It was also our only road trip where we drove extensively in a foreign country (I know, it's "only" Canada).

Along the way we saw thronging cities, historical towns, natural wonders and wildlife of many kinds. Shortly after the trip, I had written a travelog, even with a version in Chinese. Now, after nearly 4 years have passed (March 2016), I re-organized my pictures and notes here to share this experience with you.

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Day 1: From NOVA to Boston

Day 2: Boston

Day 3: From Boston to Cape Cod

Day 4: Cape Cod

Day 5: Cape Cod

Day 6: Martha's Vineyard

Day 7: From Boston to Acadia National Park

Day 2: Entering Canada

Day 9: Fundy Coast

Day 10: From Fundy National Park to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Day 11: From Halifax, Nova Scotia to Campbellton, New Brunswick

Day 12: From Campbellton, New Brunswick to Perce, Quebec

Day 13: Perce and Bonaventure Island

Day 14: From Perce to Rimouski

Day 15: From Rimouski to Quebec City

Day 16: From Quebec City to Montreal

Day 17: From Montreal to Ithaca, New York

Day 18: From Ithaca, New York to NOVA

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