My book, A Cross-Country Summer (横穿美国的夏天,in Mandarin Chinese), is now published!

Click the image below for a large view of the cover, or click here for a preview of the book.

Click here or the film strip below for the "blog style" photographic narrative for this trip.

There are two ways you can order the book:

  1. You can order from Amazon.
  2. You can also order from me directly (and I can autograph the book for you too!) -- see instructions below.

To order the book from me directly, click the "Add to Cart" button below (you will be able to specify the number of copies) and make a payment via PayPal (all major credit cards accepted). Shipping rate is $3.99 per book (shipping discounts apply for multiple-book orders). Please allow 1-3 business days for shipping; ship to the U.S. only. Leave a message for what you want me to write (in Chinese or English) for you.

Please note! If you want me to autograph the book(s) for you, you must order directly from me. If you order from Amazon or CreateSpace, they will ship the book(s) directly to you, and I won't even see them. Please send me a message at: howiewu1 _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com with what you want me to write on your book(s) -- in English or Chinese; be sure to include your shipping address in the message so I can compare it with the PayPal payment.

I apologize if I had not made this clear earlier.

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