Summer 2013 West Coast Trip

In summer (actually the trip started in late spring) of 2013, we took a trip to Northern California, Oregon and Washington. This trip in fact consists of three parts: a short excursion to Point Reyes, followed by a work week in San Francisco, then a road trip along Route 1 north from San Francisco along the Pacific Coast into Oregon, then onto Portland, Mt. St. Helens, and returning through central Oregon and California.

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Prelude: Point Reyes

Work week: San Francisco

Road Trip Day 1: San Francisco to Eureka, California

Road Trip Day 2: Eureka to Coos Bay, Oregon

Road Trip Day 3: Coos Bay to Portland

Road Trip Day 4: Portland and Columbia River Gorge

Road Trip Day 5: Portland to Mt. St. Helens to Stevenson, Washington

Road Trip Day 6: Stevenson to Fort Klamath

Road Trip Day 7: Fort Klamath to Redding, California

Road Trip Day 8: Redding to San Francisco and back home

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