2021 trip to Iceland

In the summer of 2021, we took another trip to Iceland, just two years after our first trip to this country. This was also our first overseas trip after the pandemic began.

We picked Iceland first of all because we love this country -- the wild open spaces, breathtaking scenery, and the friendly people. But we also had another important consideration: at that time, Iceland had one of the highest vaccination rate in the world, and it is sparsely populated (outside the capital region), which would give us ample space for social distancing. It is indeed one of the ideal "pandemic travel destination"

Because of the difficulty of traveling to another country during the pandemic (covid test, etc.), for this trip, we decided to spend more time once we got there. Therefore, we planned 17 days, an entire week more than our 2019 trip (10 days). In 2019, we drove around the country counterclockwise; this time, we drove clockwise (and covered more grounds). I have divided the trip narrative into 6 regions in the order that we visited them, please click each link below to visit each page.

(Click each link or image below to access each page.)

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula


Northern Iceland

Southern Iceland



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