Fourth stop: Tangier, Morocco

The lure of Tangier is that it is in Africa, and for this reason we boarded the ferry from Tarifa.

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Afria in view! Tangier from the ferry.


Because of the uncertainty about how to get around in Tangier, this is the only place on our trip where we hired a guide. The van first took us to the sea coast.

Tangier Coast

Cape Spartel Lighthouse at the most North Western of Africa.

Cape Spartel Lighthouse

Caves of Hercules, the shape of which is supposed to look like a man's face, or also the map of Africa.

Hercules Caves

After touring the coast, we went to the old town. One of the attractions is the tomb of Ibn Battouta (or Battuta), a famous Tangier-born world-traveler in the 14th century who supposedly reached China.

Ibn Battouta

Street scenes in the old town.



A store selling spices and other goods.


The fish market that displays the catches of the day.

Fish Market

A rather hurried day trip, but it marked our only visit to the Continent of Africa. The only new bird I saw on this day was a few House Buntings (this would be my only African bird to date).

House Bunting

House Bunting

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