Fifth stop: Gibraltar

Theoretically we have entered the thrid country of our trip -- the United Kingdom, by entering Gibraltar, which is a British territory.

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The Rock of Gibraltar is an imposing structure -- though only 426 meter (1,398 feet) high, it is the most prominent formation at the edge of land and water. As the wind blows, the moist air condenses as it is forced to pass the summit -- it looks as if the rock has a trailing ribbon of fog and cloud.

Rock of Gibraltar

The most famous residents on the rock are the endangered Barbary Macaque. Even just as we exited the cable tram to the upper rock, one of these macaque right there on the railing greeted us.

Barbary Macaque

Barbary Macaque

A family moment.

Barbary Macaque

Barbary Macaque

Barbary Macaque

The Mediterranean Steps on the eastern side of the rock.

Mediterranean Steps

One of the surprises is that there is actually a cavern, St. Michael's Cave on the rock.

St. Michael's Cave

As we walked toward the southern tip of Gibraltar (it being a peninsular), the mosque started to glisten in the afternoon sun.


The southern tip of Gibraltar is Europa Point, where a lighthouse keeps watch of the passing ships and birds alike.

Europa Point

Europa Point

Europa Point Lighthouse

After spending a week in Spain, we were used to seeing throngs of people even late at night. We were rather surprised to see the empty streets at 10PM.

Gibraltar Night

Gibraltar Night

Next day we made another short visit to Gibraltar. This time we spent some time watching the spectacle of vechicle traffic yielding to air traffic at Gibraltar International Airport, one of the most dangerous airports in the world.


Gibraltar is also one of the birding hotspots in Europe. It is especially known for the raptor migrations which was in season when we were there. There were hundreds of Booted Eagles and other raptors wheeling in the sky.

Booted Eagle

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