Third stop: Tarifa

Initially Tarifa was supposed to be a stop-over for us to go to Tangier, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. In fact, I think Tarifa is more charming than Tangier.

If you ever need to go from Granada to Tarifa, my advise to you is to take the Renfe train -- this is one of the prettiest route I've taken, and it is relaxing to sit in the comfortable train to let the scenes of Andalucia go by.

Andalucia (through the train window)

Andalucia (through the train window)

It was late afternoon when we arrived in Tarifa, and the setting sun over the Atlantic Ocean greeted us.

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

In the old town, which is essentially a fortress by the sea, summer nights are cool and pleasant.

Tarifa Night Scene

Tarifa Night Scene

A couple of "parting shots" of Tarifa on the ferry to Tangier in the morning.

Port Tarifa

Tarifa Lighthouse

As anywhere in Spain, night life is lively in Tarifa, but more so on this particular night as the local people were waiting in line to enter the church to see the Virgin Mary for the last time in the summer (it was to be transported to a different location the next morning).

Tarifa Night Scene

Tarifa Night Scene

And sure enough, the next morning, our last day in Tarifa, the locals carried the Virgin Mary statue to the other location.


Beach at Tarifa, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Tarifa Beach

Windmills on the hills surrounding Tarifa, imagine what a field day Don Quixote would have!


A couple of bird shots.


Spotless Starling

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