Sagres was our briefest stop on this trip: because we decided not to rent a car, we could only join a tour (which is typically not our preferred way of travel). We joined the Sagres Sunset Tour, which did achieve the objective of getting us to Sagres and seeing the sunset, but, regrettably, not much more.

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We mainly went to Cape Saint Vincent (or Cabo de São Vicente), the most southwestern point of Europe. The first of our few stops was at the Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente. The shadow at the lower-left corner of the first picture is that of the lighthouse itself.

Cabo de São Vicente

Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente

This was a very windy afternoon. From the cape looking southeast, we could see Ponta de Sagres and its lighthouse

Ponta de Sagres (looking southeast)

Here's a shot of the other side of Cabo de São Vicente (looking northeast):

Cabo de São Vicente (looking northeast)

We moved on to another spot, a "secret" beach. Quite strikingly, this reminded me of Point Reyes in California. Of course, I know geographically, they could not be more apart -- Sagress is on the eastern edge of the Atlantic, while Point Reyes is at the eastern edge of the Pacific. But superficially at least, they look quite similar.



The similarity continues -- we moved on to our final spot, a bluff overlooking the Atlantic to view the sunset. From here, the view really resembles that from Point Reyes.


We waited for the sunset. This was the first time I saw sunset over the Atlantic since 4 years earlier at Tarifa, Spain.



There is an abandoned police station at this location. This picture of it at dust would be one of the last ones I took in Sagres.

Police Station

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