The Bobolink has a strange coloration -- it has a black belly and mostly white back and a creamy yellow crown. In comparison, mst birds have a lighter belly and a darker back. Thus, some people described this look as "wearing a tuxedo backwards". It also has strange songs, buzzy and electric, for this reason, some call it the "R2D2 bird".

The Bobolink is also one of the most impressive migrating songbirds, each year traveling from the interior of South America to New England and beyond. In the northern countryside, supposedly, singing Bobolinks are a common sight in pastures and crop fields. However, until recently (May 10, 2016), I had never seen one. Thus I felt very blessed to see these gregarious birds feeding in my neighborhood farm. They are only passing through here, on the way to their breeding ground farther north. I wish them well!

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