Greece 2022 trip - Hydra

June 12

Our last full day in Greece before departure.
The plan was to take a day trip to the island of Hydra. To give us more time, we specifically booked an early ferry at 8AM; we would arrive just after 9:30AM. But our ferry, the "Flying Cat 4" lost an engine en route and it was slow going. After 10:30AM we only made to the island of Poros where we made a short stop (pic 2-3), then changed ferry to continue to Hydra.

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Flying Cat 4, this cat is not flying today!

Poros Clock Tower

Poros port

Finally when we made it to Hydra, it was after noon, seriously shortening our stay in Hydra. However, since we set foot on Poros, it ought to count as an island on our itinerary. Thus, we have been to 5 islands for the whole trip, planned or not.

Cannon at the port of Hydra


Hydra does not allow any motored vehicles. Transportation is provided by donkeys, mules or horses.


With the limited time we had, we set out to climb the stairs and toward higher ground from the port.




We did not plan this way, but we actually eventually reached a prominent headland with a ruin and Greek flag. The view there was spectacular.



Flag on the headland

However, we did not have the luxury to linger much longer and had to start down toward the port to have lunch and catch the return ferry. But we stopped here and there to snap a few pictures.


Door knob

Flower vase

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