2019 trip to China and Cambodia

In November 2019 we travelled to China and Cambodia.

This was a relatively short trip by our standard(about two weeks). And because of the ongoing months-long protests in Hong Kong, we shortened our stay in that city. The highlight was our side trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia -- it was our first trip to this country, and what amazing sights! For this reason, although we only spent four days there, I created separate pages to organize the sights more manageably.

I hope you enjoy the recap of this trip on the following pages.

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Hunan (China)

Temples of Siem Reap -- Ta Prohm, Ta Nei, Ta Keo and Chau Say Tevoda

Temples of Siem Reap -- Angkor Thom and the Bayon Temple

Temples of Siem Reap -- Angkor Wat

Temples of Siem Reap -- Preah Khan, Neak Poan and Pre Rup

Temples of Siem Reap -- Beng Mealea, Banteay Srei and Banteay Samre

Wildlife of Siem Reap

Tonle Sap Lake (Cambodia)

Hong Kong

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