2018 China -- a very quick trip

This was a really quick trip in August of 2018 -- in all, I spent less than a week in China, and even less in my hometown Changsha.

This was almost purely a family visit, but I did sqeeze out just a few excursions -- actually I won't even call them excursions, just a few walks in local parks -- and managed to photograph a few birds and other wildlife.

The first place I went to was Tian Xin Park. None of the birds I saw and photographed was new to me, but it was nice to "reconnect" with one's "townsfolks", so to speak. The most interesting sighting was a bug, which I still have not identified.

(Click on each image to see the high-resolution version)

Long-tailed Shrike

Yellow-browed Warbler

Oriental Turtle Dove



The second place I went to was Tangerine Island. This was my longest "excursion" in town, lasting almost a half day. Again, I did not see or photograph any new bird.

Little Egret

Japanese Tit

Oriental Mgpie-robin

Oriental Mgpie-robin fledgling

Eurasion Blackbird

Azure-winged Magpie

Masked Laughingthrush

butterfly (likely a sulphur)

dragonfly (probably a Scarlet Skimmer)

The last place I went to was Yanghu Wetland Park. This should be the best wildlife habitat in town; unfortunately, this was a dreary day in a low season, and I did not have much time at all. I did manage to photograph my only new bird for the trip, a Black Drongo (not shown).

White Wagtail

Common Moorhen

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