For practical purposes, Howth was our last stop (we would go back to Dublin and spend one more night there, then check out and head back home the next morning, but these were just logistics merely).

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We took the train from Dublin to Howth, a coastal town that is really still within the suburb of Dublin. It was a short walk from the train station to the harbor (harbour) and Howth Harbour Lighthouse.

Howth Harbour Lighthouse

There were quite a few bars and restaurants at the harbor, but most of them weren't open in the early morning when we arrived.

The Oar House

One landmark (or should I say watermark?) at Howth is Ireland's Eye, an offshore island.

Ireland's Eye

We spent most of our time there walling the Cliff Walk, or Howth Cliff Path Loop, which loops around the entire peninsula (Howth is only tenuously connected to the main land by a narrow strip of land). Starting from the harbor, as we climbed higher, the view became more open.

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk

The initial part of the path coincides with some streets leading away from the harbor. Some houses, such as this one, perched by the road and on the cliff overlooking Irish Sea and with Ireland's Eys looming not far from shore. I can only imagine what it would be like to live in one of these houses.


The path eventually left the road and went into the uninhabited part of the cliff, and the view became wilder as well.

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk

Always the path hugs the cliff and we followed it turns to reach Baily Lighthouse at the southern end of the peninsula. At this point, the sky became more cloudy. We did not finish the entire loop but cut across the moorland to return to town and eventually catch the train back to the capital.

Baily Lighthouse

Baily Lighthouse

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