This was my fourth trip to Portland, but this time I had a full week to enjoy this wonderful, laid-back city.

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Even in a parking lot in downtown, there was an interesting mural. I later found out that this one was created by Lydia Emily, a street artist and cancer surviver, the M.S. stands for "Multiple Sclerosis".

End M.S. Forever

One day I took a walk along the Willamette River to the Pearl District and Union Station.

Willamette River

Union Station

When I wandered into Chinatown, the "Hung Far Low" sign again made me chuckle (I had seen it before). The name means "Pagoda of great fortune" in Chinese, I think, but the phonetic spelling is just ... weird.

Hung Far Low

My "station" is The Nines, arguably the best hotel in Portland, and it is within shouting distance from Pioneer Square. During that week, they had the Italian Festival there, many local artists went there to perform.

Pioneer Sqaure


Portland is known for its food trucks, and I sampled quite a few places.

Food Truck

Food Truck

One of the girls selling food; for some reason she did not like this picture (I thought I did ok).

Mumbo Gumbo

Some more interesting murals in Portland.



Some more Portland street scenes.

Portland street scene

Fire Escape

Fire Escape

Finally, the "Pod" sculpture outside Powell Books.


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