The Pacific Coast

On our first day, we drove to the coast -- we passed Astoria and crossed the bridge into Washington State. This was a sunny and hot day in Portland, and we were hoping to get clear view of the ocean from here, but no such luck: the coast was still enveloped in seemingly perpetual fog.

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But such is the nature of the Pacific Coast, especially here on the Washington Coast, where it receives the most rainfall in the U.S., and the name "Cape Disappointment" has its justifications. We made our first stop at North Head Lighthouse.

Pacific Coast

North Head Lighthouse

Thus readjusted our expecations, we actually enjoyed this peaceful day in the state park. We made a stop at the Cape Disappointment Light.

Coastal fog and evergreen

Cape Disappointment Light

I also turned my attention to nature's many intricate details. This lovely cluster of Purple Foxgloves brighted my day, and I also photographed my first new bird of this trip -- a Pacific Wren, a close relative of the Winter Wren.

Purple Foxglove

Pacific Wren

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