Our first stay in Seattle was in August.

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A trip to Seattle is not complete without a cup of coffee. These are from Moore Coffee Shop.


Speaking of coffee, at some point you will have to check out the Starbucks in Pike Place Market. Actually this one was taken at the one at Pike Street and 1st Avenue, not the original Starbucks, but I would get a chance to fix that later.


And of course, we also went to Chinatown (mostly for food).


Smith Tower glowing in the dusk on our way back from Chinatown.

Smith Tower

We stayed in the city for a week, but did not really explore that much. Instead, we turned our attention to the mountains -- Mt. Rainier and North Cascades. One day, though, we walked to Seattle's First Hill district and visited St. James Cathedral.

St. James Cathedral

Interior of St. James Cathedral

Stained_glass inside

Then, because of an unexpected event, we had to abruptly cut short our trip and head to Houston. On this day of our departure, the smoky from the wildfire in the Cascades drifted over the Puget Sound, even in midday, the sun had an eerily orange-red color. The following picture was taken at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, you can actually see the sunspots.


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