2006 India Trip

India! It's been more than a dozen (yes, count it: 12) years since I took this trip (this page is updated in February, 2018), but the memories are still vivid.

India is so far the most exotic place I've been to -- and the most colorful. The colors are really dazzling -- from its architecture to wildlife, from the fruits that vendors sell to the saris that women wear, not to mention the gemstone and bangles ... India seems to have emerged from a lavish painter's liberal splashes of his palette. And the smells and sounds! From the incense burned in temples to smokes from auto rickshaws, from chants at religious ceremonies to the barks of monkeys, India is a place that excites, surprises and confuses one's senses. I will always have fond memories of India, and I hope I will go visit again.

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